Traveler’s Retreat or a Backpacker’s? – BOTH!

Hey, Afternoon 🙂

It’s 30 degrees outside. Hoot!

Vegas missed the chance to beach it with the guests while waiting for me to finish & join …but in the next couple of weeks I will be launching (finally) more than just advertising, the Opening of my AlterNative Therapies services at Nirvana, not just to guests, but to the Public …… oo-er!

Herbal treatments, energy healing, tarot & astrology has always  been a part of Nirvana, particularly in our first home ~ but this time, dream work therapy, more in-depth astrological services (karmic, synestry, counseling), deeper energy healing/readings have been added & all will be the main dish offered on our home’s long list of TLC’s. (Tender-Loving-Care’s).

You will Discover…

Treatments & Methods to Alleviate Stress
Garden & Beach Facilities / “Chi” Loungers
Emotional Release
Continued… Ambiance & Energy Clearing
Recovery & Rejuvenation
Learn Methods for Relaxation

Services Offered….

Aura & Chakra Clearing
Shamanic & Energy Healing 
(Please read more in next post “What to Expect in Healing Sessions)

Herbal Treatments (Teas – spiritual & physical aids & Skin Healing)
Dream Therapy (Assistance in dream journaling & working with symbols)
Tarot (Readings for divination and/or spiritual support)
Astrology & Synestry (Relationship & Location Compatibility)
Holistic Counseling & Coaching (Mix of all the above, but as a Counseling Session)

What does this mean for backpackers? Nothing much different!
If it’s not for you… You still get the same hostel, same wonderful staff, same party nights, same communal vibe 😉

For those interested ~ the R&R has designated pods in the house… healing room… nature healing environment… (Thanks to this beautiful beach house!)

I’m still on-site 24hrs (it’s my home after all) and will be there to attend to each and everyone… But I get my chill time more often now …doing what I love the most ~ energy-inspiring-healing-flow.

Backpackers are all ages, singles, couples, families, all backgrounds, races, faces & cases 🙂

Mombasa has never had a retreat in a budget with holistic & alternative therapies… It will the very first of my/yours/our kind 🙂

Karibuni (Welcome)